Cincinnati Art Museum

Client: Cincinnati Art Museum
Services: Events & Sponsors Solutions
Location Cincinnati, OH

Insteo developed a full solution including five data driven screens: Welcome Screen, Daily Events List, Full Screen Images, Special Exhibitions and Donor Lists for the museum. All of the screens were designed and developed to accommodate the museums request to update content frequently. The content is easily managed through Insteo’s proprietary web-based CMS software, Display. Within Display the museum is able to add, remove and schedule items for each of their content screens in advance or on the fly.

Insteo’s award-winning design team worked with the museum and their branding to make sure the style and design of the screens were kept within the museum’s existing branding.


Project Overview

Welcome Screen: The client is able to update a headline and a main text area to display a welcome message of their choosing. This can change monthly, daily, hourly, or never. The client has complete control. This has been especially useful if they have a VIP guest coming in; they are able to welcome him personally on the screen then change it back to the general message in the afternoon.

Daily Event List: From special tours to children’s classes, the museum is able to display their daily events and complement the text with a photo at the bottom for visual interest. This content screen displays up to 6 events per day. It can also show a single day or multiple days.

Full Screen Images: The museum is able to display full screen images of their own choosing. This gives the museum flexibility to display the employee of the month, advertisements or even to sell this as advertising space to their vendors. The possibilities are endless.

Special Exhibitions: In addition to their permanent collection, the museum may have special, temporary exhibitions.  Using their digital signage, they are able to promote and inform their patrons to current and upcoming exhibitions with an image, title, description, dates and a coming soon flag for exhibitions that are not yet open.

Sponsors: Sponsors, donors, and partners are a very important part of the museum’s operation. Insteo created Sponsor screens allowing the museum to publicly recognize these important people and businesses. But as we know, not all sponsors are the same, which is why we created multiple ranks. For example a Rank 1 donor will have their name/logo on the screen alone. A Rank 2 donor will be displayed along with 2 other names/logos. A Rank 3 donor will have their name displayed along with 7 other donors. And a rank 4 donor will have their name displayed along with 24 other names.