Digital Menu Boards

Insteo Digital Menus are easy to update and customize. We have a 3-zone landscape menu and a single zone portrait option.

Services: Menu Boards
Media Players: BrightSign, Iadea, Samsung SSP, LG WebOS
Orientation: Portrait & Landscape

Landscape Layout

A three zone layout with a center Ad zone, this menu sorts by category and holds up to 30 items (15 per side). The center zone allows you to upload JPG graphics. Type can get small when you have a lot of options, so consider a large screen!

Portrait Layout

A single menu list, holding up to 20 items. Our Portrait menu is great for showing your items with the largest type size possible.

Excel Import

Edit right within your browser, or import content changes from Excel. Changing price and item information takes seconds.

Lots of Options

Our templates have a lot of optional data fields so you can show calorie and nutrition, pricing for different sized beverages, and additional item descriptions or ingredients.

Design to fit your brand

You can customize the background graphics, colors and choose fonts from the Google fonts library.

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    For New Insteo Cloud Template customers, we will set-up your account and send you login/support information. We will contact you about training and account payment to continue beyond 30 days. Trial accounts are only for our Cloud Templates without customization. For Custom Content Services, we’ll reach out for additional details to prepare a quote.


    What’s included in your trial account?

    Insteo Cloud Templates are editable within your web browser. Change menu items, import Excel files, and update events without special software. Upload content, manage your screen, and get support right from our Cloud Signage platform.

    We will set up your account and menu, and send over detailed editing notes and access to our support library. You can test your template in your web browser or follow our instructions for setting up your media player. Not all media players and platforms are supported.

    Free Trial Accounts do not include content/design customization or web/phone training or support, but these services are available for an hourly charge.

    Insteo Templates allow for edits to items only – for example you can change any of the beers on the menu. All aspects of the design are locked down – such as layout, fonts, animation, sizing and the number of items a menu holds. We are happy to prepare a quote for changes to any of these elements which require custom programming.

    If you need additional help with content editing, content customization, training, phone support, media player setup or any other services, please let us know and we will happily prepare a quote.

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