Diana Exhibit

The Queen Mary

With well over 2000 pieces of Princess Diana memorabilia, The Queen Mary and The Pink Ribbon Society decided to incorporate digital signage into the exhibit as a way to increase the engagement level of the exhibit attendees and as a vehicle to deliver the vast amount of information surrounding Princess Diana, the Royal Family and The Queen Mary.

Client: The Queen Mary
Services: Interactive Digital Signage
Location Long Beach, CA


When the Pink Ribbon Society was looking for the perfect venue to host their immense collection of Princess Diana Memorabilia for 5 years, they turned to The Queen Mary.

The Queen Mary then enlisted the help of Insteo to find a modern, yet elegant solution that would be able to blend seamlessly into the exhibit while adding an additional layer of charm with the viewer.

Insteo installed digital signage that allowed the exhibit guest to pause from reading about the vast collection of memorabilia and enjoy videos of Princess Diana and the Royal Family throughout the years.

Insteo worked directly with the Queen Mary and the Pink Ribbon Society to strategically place screens and edit videos to enhance the viewer’s experience

The installation process for the Princess Diana Exhibit was quite an experience.

With both the creation of content and the installation coming down to the wire – due to forces beyond Insteo’s control – it was a race to finish mounting the screens as paint was drying and loading content as individual edits were being approved.

The digital signage was such a success that The Pink Ribbon Society had requested additional screens for the exhibit and the Queen Mary has decided to move forward with a ship-wide digital signage installation including Insteo’s new interactive wayfinding solution as well as Insteo’s award-winning Social Media content.